Reluctant mercenary who dreams of being a bard


Born to Villagers
Lead into Soldier
Foot Soldier

Will: 4
Perception: 4
Power: 5
Forte: 5
Agility: 4
Speed: 4

Health: 5
Steel: B6
Reflexes: 4
Mortal Wound: 11

Sword: B4 (Agility)
Lute: B2 (Agility/Will)
Shield Training: 2 points
Riding: B3 (Will)
Brawling: B4 (Agility)
Foraging: B2 (Perception)
Bow: B2 (Agility)
Farming: B2 (Perception)
Persuasion: B2 (Will)

Iron Stomach


  • Sword (Run of the mill)
    • Power 3, Add 2, Speed Slow, Versus Armor 1
    • Incidental B4, Mark B8, Superb B12
  • Hunting Bow (Run of the mill)
    • Versus Armor 1
    • Incidental B4, Mark B7, Superb B10
  • Plated Leather Armor (Helmet, Mask, Hauberk, Gloves, Leggings, Boots) (Run of the mill)
    • DN 5, 7 dice
  • Plated Leather Roundshield (Run of the mill)
    • DN 4, 2 dice
  • Poor Quality Lute

Physical Tolerances:
Superficial: 3
Light: 4
Midi: 6
Severe: 8
Traumatic: 10
Mortal: 11


I can become a really great entertainer with enough practice.
People can usually get along.
Now come on, my music/jokes/poetry can’t be that bad.


Hums tunelessly when bored.
Nervously checks and re-checks his shield grip before a fight.


Finch never actually wanted to be a solider. The only child of a mercenary and village girl, his father was killed in a battle years ago, and his mother did everything she could to persuade her son to choose a different path through life. As a youth, he gained a reputation as the “class clown” among children his age, and he began to dream of becoming an entertainer or musician. But to be honest, he’s can’t sing well, his instrumental skills are weak, his jokes are amateurish, and he has trouble remembering epic poems and ballads.

The only thing he’s ever been particularly good at is fighting. He’s inherited his father’s strength and skills with swords and can shoot a bow if he needs to. He doesn’t particularly enjoy fighting — he still has the reluctance to fight that his mother drilled into him, and he still dreams of becoming a performer. But he knows he has needed skills, and he’s willing to use them, for the time being, to make a little needed cash and to protect himself and others during hard times.

He’s tall and muscular, but not particularly handsome. He prefers to wear colorful clothing when in civilian gear, but keeps his armor (whatever that may be) as dull and utilitarian as possible, so he won’t stand out on the battlefield. He loves to tell jokes and stories and sing, and he’ll do it until someone begs him to stop. He’s got decent speaking skills — even if he’s no good at storytelling, he’s alright at persuading people to do stuff, as long as he doesn’t try to sing. He’s fascinated by big cities, loves animals, and is very much a naive country mouse.


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