Gods and Faith

Faith and its Works

All people in The River Country and beyond possess some faith. However, only a very few might call themselves “Faithful”. The Faithful are almost always ordained members of a religious order, though there are records of people becoming Faithful simply through the force of their personal faith.

There are many religious orders spread out across the country; membership likewise also varies, depending on region and intent of the order. The largest order in The River Country is the Order of the Sainted Note, a rural pastoral order of about 300 members with a high focus on providing assistance, both spiritual and secular, to local farmers.

The gods themselves are largely neutral and remote. Their intent and motives are expressed through mortal servants, who can depend on receiving divine assistance in times of need in return for their service. Stories of these Miracles are not common, though almost everyone has ‘a cousin of a friend’ who has witnessed one happen.

The God of Ashes and Dust

Religious orders following the God of Ashes and Dust are generally cloistered and contemplative orders. It is common for many orders to have a specially ordained group that carries out tasks related to the care and investigation of the dead, including burial and consecration. It has long been rumored that some orders in this tradition practice necromancy, a notion that many Faithful will protest. A few small orders have even been founded with the express purpose of investigating and destroying necromantic activity whereever it might be found.

The largest order in The River Country is the Order of Charcoal, composed of about 45 members and located in the north. Their creed includes:

  • Provide consecrated cremation for all, especially those without the means to provide for themselves
  • Provide comfort and assistance to those still living
  • Assist the living with the recording and execution of wills

The God of Light and Fire

Orders in the service of the God of Light and Fire are generally contemplative orders, though only a few are actually cloistered. Many orders focus on collecting, improving, and recording various works of philosophy, science, industry, and politics. It is common for these orders to hire out their services as scribes and clerks. It is sometimes rumored that there are secret orders devoted to the trade of secrets and forbidden knowledge.

The largest order in The River Country is the Order of Illuminating Flame, now containing about 80 members and located near the city of Aritum. They managed to escape the destruction of Aritum but not without losing nearly a quarter of their membership. Their creed includes:

  • Spread literacy to all who desire it
  • Record and preserve all of mortal knowledge

The God of Songs and Harvest

The orders in service of the God of Songs and Harvest tend to be rural, pastoral orders who provide regular church service and assistance to local farmers in their area. For many laypeople, these orders represent religion as a whole, if only because contact with orders in service of other gods do not frequently commiserate with commonfolk.

The largest order in The River Country is the Order of the Sainted Note, a rural pastoral order of about 300 members. Their creed includes:

  • Teach the faithful about the gods and their place in the universe
  • Assist your fellow man whenever possible and spread the joy of doing good deeds
  • Be a shield to the weak of spirit and of body, especially when they lack any other recourse

Gods and Faith

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