The Saldean Empire of Champagne Sands

The Saldean Empire of Champagne Sands is located to the east of The River Country, past The Skymast Mountains. The famed Champagne Sands are a massive stretch of dunes that stretch for many miles from the coastline to the capital city of Lucon. The rest of the country is mostly arid grassland and light forest.

The current ruler of The Empire of Sands is Emperor Judon XIV, considered to be the scion of his sect and the culmination of the Everra Dynasty. He is known for his wit and oratory skill, and is reputed to be an almost supernaturally good judge of character.

The Empire of Sands is known for their artistry, especially ceramics and stonework. The citizens tend to be impassive and shrewd.

In the Empire of Sands, slavery is a vile sin: limiting the free will of a thinking being is tantamount to rape or murder. (On the other hand, Saldeans never take prisoners.) Many Lyrians refuse to purchase or keep Saldeans as slaves; if a Saldean hasn’t attempted to escape or commit suicide, then they’re almost certainly planning to revolt, killing their master and freeing the rest of the slaves in the process.

The Saldean Empire of Champagne Sands

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