The Rose Kingdom of Lyria and The Saldean Empire of Champagne Sands are at war, and The River Country has been left to slide into anarchy as her leaders flee into the night. Both the Rose Kingdom and the Empire of Sands have staked their claim on the River Country’s lush hills, causing the capital of Aritum to be razed down to bare earth and ash. Only the most secluded villages and valleys have managed to escape the swords of battle.

The war has elevated the humble mercenary to unheard levels of notoriety and fame, as skilled military men become more and more scarce. It is said that if a mercenary acquits himself well enough, he can expect to become a member of the aristocracy, winning lands and a title by the ferocity of his spirit.

The River Country itself is old, ancient beyond history. Rumors of hidden wealth and power have been spread over mugs of ale since mortals walked the hills. However, there are the Orcs to contend with, who have taken advantage of the River Country’s weakness and begun to flourish. In response, the Dwarves have come down out of their mountains and caves and the Elves from their groves and forests. Some have even taken up arms with Men, choosing to fight and struggle for mysterious reasons of their own.

You’ve left home to seek your fortunes elsewhere, but autumn is drawing to a close and your luck has yet to turn. You find yourself on a battlefield near Guld-on-Halva, in the south of The River Country, as both armies pull back to lick their wounds and regroup. You can see scavengers start their grisly work as other weary, stunned souls make their way through the broken and bleeding wreckage left on the field. Some of them even seem to be wandering closer to you…

The New Player Primer

In The River Country

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